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Getting By

Downrocks – Getting By

DOWNROCKSGETTING BY BHAZ21 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2023 With a strong inspiration from those early songs that defined the electro genre, Downrocks reproduces classic sounds, aiming to evoke the sensations of the 1980s, the feeling of listening to the music of the future. Artist: DownrocksRelease Name: Getting ByFormat: Digital ReleaseGenre: ElectroStyle: Electro-FunkTotal Time: 3:24 min.Label: …

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Metal Bones

Downrocks – Metal Bones

DOWNROCKSMETAL BONES BHAZ20 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2023 Part of the compilation “Capítulo II” from the Barcelona-based label 22 Recordings, originally released exclusively on vinyl, Beathazard Recordings now presents the digital format. Artist: DownrocksRelease Name: Metal BonesFormat: Digital ReleaseGenre: ElectroStyle: Electro-Techno-BassTotal Time: 4:48 min.Label: Beathazard RecordingsReference: BHAZ20Release Date: 09/Oct/2023Part of release Capítulo II (22 Recordings …

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Downrocks – Perhaps We Are

DOWNROCKSPERHAPS WE ARE BHAZ19 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2023 Gente Seria Viste Chandal (Serious People Wearing Tracksuits) has become a classic in the Electro scene with just 3 volumes. Spanish producers making track hits and compiled by this brilliant team. Additionally, sprinkled with a bit of graffiti, an association that Downrocks always enjoys.. Listen to …

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Downrocks – Restricted Life

DOWNROCKSRESTRICTED LIFE BHAZ18 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2022 More “collabos” for Downrocks!The Electro scene seems to be back, particularly in Spain where more and better compilations with both established and new artists are being released. The Barcelona label Electroclub Recordings did a titanic compilation job and released IBEX 808 in 2022 (only in digital format).Give …

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Downrocks – Exogenic Field

DOWNROCKSEXOGENIC FIELD BHAZ17 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2022 Downrocks is Back!After a while with no new releases, Downrocks project is back with several works for this year. This is the first one. It was produced originally for being part of a new compilation created by Mars Frequency Records, released in 12″ black vinyl, limited edition. …

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Downrocks – Sounds Of The Street

DOWNROCKSSOUNDS OF THE STREET BHAZ15 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2021 Searching in the old Downrocks archives appeared this song, also never released digitally.Was part of a compilation called “Alek Stark Presents Elektro Domésticos 2” back 20-07-2010. Artist: DownrocksStyle: Electro-Bass-FunkLabel: Beathazard RecordingsRelease Date: 18/october/2021Previously Released in “Alek Stark Presents Elektro Domésticos 2”, 20-07-2010 Tracklist:01- Sounds Of …

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Downrocks – The Sub City

DOWNROCKSTHE SUB CITY BHAZ14 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2021 Previously released in Mars Frequency Records (2012) included in a compilation, this tracks from Downrocks was never digitally distributed. Artist: DownrocksStyle: Electro-Bass-Techno Cyber-PunkLabel: Beathazard RecordingsRelease Date: 16/sept/2021Previously Released in Mars Defenders compilation by Mars Frequency Records in 2012 Tracklist:01- The Sub City Reference: BHAZ14Format: Digital ReleaseTotal …

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Downrocks – Intrón

DOWNROCKSINTRÓN BHAZ09 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2011 Beathazard Recordings releases the first album of Kapi’s alter ego, Downrocks, straight from Barcelona, deep into the Electro Funk.It compiles 15 songs where there are some unreleased tracks, and everything else has been updated, upgraded and re-edited. It includes several versions called “Stage reconstruction”, produced for the live …

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Downrocks – Mecanismos

DOWNROCKSMECANISMOS BHAZ06 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2010 Beathazard Recordings is bringing back the beat, the laser and the bass. After 2 years from the last official release, Downrocks is back. Electro head from the Mediterranean Spanish city, Basscelona, comes again with a 6 track Extended Play concept called Mecanismos. Upgraded hardcore electro beats with the …

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