SEEK 2012


2011 starts and there is a new super cool special vinyl edition from the Electro label in Barcelona, Beathazard Recordings.
Now its time for Seek 2012.
Never officially released before and after a couple of years of rumours, this is a pure Electro-blast for the speakers with a first division featuring like Dynamik Bass System, supporting the release with the remixed track.

Artist: Seek 2012
Style: Electro-Funk
Featuring: Dynamik Bass System
Released in February 2011

Side A:
1- Hunab-Ku [6:00]
2- Cuerpo Celeste [4:52]
3- 2012 (D2N2 Popping Bonus Beats) [3:08]

Side B:
1- Hunab-Ku (Dynamik Bass System Remix) [4:50]
5- 2012 [4:46]
6- Cuerpo Celeste Instrumental [4:16]

Reference: BHAZ08
Format: Vinyl 12″ EP. Limited edition 110 copies.
Total time: 27:52 minutes

Get a Vinyl copy HERE.

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Finally, and just after the edition of the Downrocks’s first album (Intron, BHAZ09 – 2011), Beathazard Recordings get back this Seek 2012, some mysterious minds behind beats, melodies and vocoders, down with this limited 110 vinyl pieces, fully colored and nicely designed.