SEEK 2012


Thumpers is the second release of Seek 2012, band created this century with Dark Vektor and Downrocks, two electro-heads from the city of Basscelona, you know, in the Mediterranean sea under the God Sun. More future-past tunes with extra sub-bass, feel the deal… This time with collaboration in shape of remix from one of the ones, the great great Professor X straight outta Los Angeles, California.

Artist: Seek 2012
Style: Electro-Funk
Featuring: Professor X
Released in July 2016

1- Soy Tuluum [4:56]
2- This Is A Future That Already Happened [6:00]
3- Veritat [4:16]
4- Thumper [4:47]
5- There Is A Future (Professor X Remix) [5:33]

Reference: BHAZ12
Format: Digital Release
Total time: 26:00 minutes

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