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Aliases Vol.1 – 1 Particle, 2 Places

ALIASES VOL. 11 PARTICLE, 2 PLACES BHAZ10 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2013 1 particle, 2 places. 1 musician, 2 spaces.There is experiments of quantum physics that place 1 sub-atomic particle in 2 different places simultaneously. Probably our brain is still not prepared to really understand this. Nevertheless this compilation use the experiment as base of …

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Downrocks – Intrón

DOWNROCKSINTRÓN BHAZ09 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2011 Beathazard Recordings releases the first album of Kapi’s alter ego, Downrocks, straight from Barcelona, deep into the Electro Funk.It compiles 15 songs where there are some unreleased tracks, and everything else has been updated, upgraded and re-edited. It includes several versions called “Stage reconstruction”, produced for the live …

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Sace 2 – Adventures In Sound And Space

SACE 2ADVENTURESIN SOUND AND SPACE BHAZ05 – BEATHAZARD RECORDINGS – 2009MCRLP-02 – MICROCIUDAD RECORDINGS – 2009 We can present proudly and finally this very elaborated album, in collaboration with Microciudad Recordings, representing the Electro Funk sound produced in Madrid. That’s why, the lovers of the 80’s Old School sound are welcome, since they will be …

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