Style: Electro-Funk-Tech-Dark-Breakbeats
Featuring: Dark Vektor, Split DJ, Dynamik Bass System,
Invisible Rockers Crew, Renko
Released in October 2011

1- Pretoria (5:03)
2- Intrones (4:20)
3- Sounds Of The Street (Stage Reconstruction) (6:13)
4- Venus (The Island Mix) (5:31)
5- A Split Hazard Extended (Stage Reconstruction) (6:14)
Featuring Split DJ
6- Entropia (New Mix 2011) (5:18)
Featuring Dark Vektor
7- Mech City (Stage Reconstruction) (6:09)
8- Pop And Locking Freestyle Mix (Video Mix) (4:36)
Featuring Renkoview
9- Geometria (Stage Reconstruction) (5:38)
10- Specie 8472 (Stage Reconstruction) (6:27)
11- Pretoria (Acropolis Mix) (3:13)
Invisible Rockers Crew Remix
12- Geometria (Outline Mix) (3:41)
Dynamik Bass System Remix
13- A Split Hazard (Top Bass Mix) (4:45)
Dark Vektor Remix
14- Pretoria (Instrumental) (5:03)
15- Entropia (New Mix 2011 Instrumental) (5:23)
Featuring Dark Vektor

Reference: BHAZ09
Format: CD
Total time: 77:32 minutes

Beathazard Recordings releases the first album of Kapi’s alter ego, Downrocks, straight from Barcelona, deep into the Electro Funk.
It compiles 15 songs where there are some unpublished tracks, and everything else has been, updated, upgraded and re-edited. It includes several versions called "Stage reconstruction", produced for the live gigs and concerts, with different machinery and extended structures, which allow us to glimpse what is the level of Downrocks's live sound.
Intron includes in addition 3 remixes exclusively made for this record, from friends-producers that fly near to this particular Electro sound: Dark Vektor (Barcelona), Invisible Rockers Crew (Greece) and Dynamik Bass System (Germany).

Check out some nice picture of the release HERE.

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